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If travellers are parachutists, hotels are the ground on which they land. At Full House Hospitality Solutions, we know exactly what it takes to be the solid ground of excellence for hoteliers, investors and tourism professionals. After 40 successful years at the forefront of hospitality, it is an obligation for us to help turn the passion and talent of the hotel industry into prosperous investments.

Full House Hospitality is a leading all-in-one management company, with a holistic approach to everything hotels need to follow the path to success. We provide a concrete foundation upon which tourism grows, having proved over our many years in the market that quality is the best plan for profitability.

Be part of our journey towards a beneficial and sustainable future for every small or large investment in the tourism industry in Greece.

Let’s work together.


Manolis Manousos
The Hospitality Insider

The visionary behind Greece’s most straightforward and reliable hospitality management company understands that success comes from fostering local culture and whatever a destination has to offer, thinking ahead for a sustainable future and living in the present with a passion for high-end services.

Solutions and Services

Delivering high-quality personalised services to independent hoteliers, hospitality investors and big resorts in Greece.

Whether you are looking for an all-in-one management solution or inquiring about individual services, we are here to cover your needs.


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