Our Story

We don’t just speak the language of hospitality. We help create the structure upon which tourism flourishes.

Full House Hospitality Solutions was founded by Manolis Manousos, an award-winning hospitality leader with outstanding experience in hotel management and leadership. With a proven track record of profitable initiatives throughout his successful career, Manolis Manousos knows that hard work brings great results.

In the hospitality industry from a very young age, he realised that working in hotels was his ideal career. He devoted himself to developing his knowledge and experience, and after finishing his studies in tourism, he worked abroad in highly esteemed hotels in the UK, Germany and Spain, three different markets with significant differences in the development of their tourism growth but each large enough to have formed a distinctive tourism model.

Returning to Greece, Manolis was able to bring a new perspective to his work after his illuminating experiences as a hospitality professional abroad. The subsequent years were guided by a view towards profitability, sustainability and innovation in hotel management, operation and sales. Throughout his years as a CEO, managing director and vice president of major hotel group companies, Manolis had the opportunity to implement new ideas, taking up challenges that turned into innovative success stories not only for hospitality but also for tourism and the economy in general.

He is the vice president of the Hotel Association of Heraklion Crete, a member of the board of directors of the Chamber of Hoteliers and a board member of the initiative We do local Greece.

Full House Hospitality Solutions came out of the need to share extensive valuable experience and deep knowledge of all things hospitality to support, improve, evolve and envision a prosperous and affluent future for hotels and tourism in Greece.

We invite you on board.


– All Inclusive Hotels

– Prosperity Cyan Group award (one of ten in Greece)

– Introducing Sitia into the world travel market

– Sustainability awards and rewards

– Winter Tourism in Crete

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