Manolis Manousos
"A hotel is a connection with the world"
Straight forward, down to earth, positive and results-driven, Manolis Manousos knows his stuff thanks to personal experience. As the heart and soul of Full House Hospitality Solutions, he brings extensive experience as a managing director, CEO and leader in turning hotel businesses into prosperous success stories and his 40 years in hospitality indicate his unquestionable dedication. ‘The challenge of applying innovative ideas and staying ahead of the pack has always been the way to move forward, creating a trail of positive impact’, says Manolis, revealing the core values behind the mastermind of Full House Hospitality Solutions.

– What force of nature drove you to the hotel industry from a very young age?

I always liked the interaction with different people and cultures, the beautiful working environment and learning different philosophies in order to adjust and understand the various aspects of the hotel industry. This is what inspired me to enter the hospitality world and, as soon as I got in, I never thought to leave. I found my passion from an early age; working in hotels has always been what I wanted to do. I completed my studies in Greece, then left to continue my studies abroad while working in renowned hotels in Spain, Germany and the UK.

I still remember how my first steps as a hotel professional in Europe shaped my ideas around the travel industry as a whole.

Working in such a diverse, constantly changing and demanding environment has been a great challenge for me and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take some risks that turned out really well for the hotel companies I worked for and, by extension, for the economy and tourism in Greece.


– What drives your intention to make a difference?

I believe in the power of vision because a clear vision becomes a strong purpose. My intention has always been to deliver quality in every single field. I was never a man of words; instead I preferred to remain modest and deliver more than expected.

Respect for the guest and a team spirit are two very important factors that determine long-term success. I am not interested in short-term solutions and impressions, and I am of the opinion that building a sustainable and profitable business involves hard work, a well-orchestrated, steady team and a goal-oriented strategy. Broad experience and knowledge minimise the risks and set the standards for trust and rewards that follow. To achieve all these, transparency and high quality are of particular importance.

Tourism is a quite competitive field and hoteliers and other related professionals need not only to deliver what they promise but also be confident and knowledgeable enough to overdeliver. I am a strong believer that better ethics lead to happier employees and guests, bringing customer loyalty and profits. I have devoted my career to improving on the good and turning hotel businesses into financial success stories.


– Were there any particular projects you accomplished during your career that influenced the travel industry in Greece?

Being at the forefront of All Inclusive Hotels, which flourished in Greece in the 1990s, was definitely a key project. Βack then, this was a tourism model that mainly operated in the Caribbean and was completely new to the hotel industry in Crete and other big Greek islands and destinations. Despite the fear of the unknown that this change brought, we managed to keep the quality high and maintain a long list of services, facilities, amenities and know-how that brought excellent results. Combining actions, such as supporting local products and taking innovative initiatives like We do local, a business certification standard made to promote local culture, gastronomy and human resources, influenced hotels’ operational models, making a positive impact on the local economy.

Another important accomplishment came in Crete when we got the opportunity to put Sitia – a completely unknown destination to many – on the world travel map and to upgrade an unknown hotel into a destination in its own right. I worked hard to support the operation of the local airport, establishing the hotel in the area and turning it into one of the promoters of the local economy.

More recently, we created a pioneer project to encourage winter tourism in Crete, working together with renowned partners on the island and creating 140 new jobs during a season that traditionally remained closed. As a result, we managed to make a prosperous impact on the local tourism industry that lasted for three years in a row until the pandemic started.

These are some of the turning points on the path of my professional life.

I feel honoured to have worked with passionate employees whose teamwork was itself a great accomplishment. I had the opportunity throughout these years to meet, train and work with talented people who brought their best to their work. And I am proud of the trustful relationships and my bonds with exceptional professionals around Greece and abroad – such as tour operators, travel experts, architects and entrepreneurs – with whom we have worked to bring out the best in tourism in Greece.


– How did you come up with the idea of Full House Hospitality Solutions?

Founding Full House Hospitality was of vital importance to me because it allows me to share the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, to work for the benefit of tourism from a different angle and to bring a more holistic approach.

I believe Greece has amazing tourism potential as a travel destination. It is a blessed country that offers tons of unbeatable experiences to travellers. Now is the time to become more innovative and stand at the forefront of global hospitality. Because we can.


– Investing in hotels in Greece. What makes Greece attractive to potential investors?

The unique history and culture, the charming, mild Mediterranean climate, our booming gastronomy, the stunning beauty and the diversity and safety of the country are pillars of prosperity for tourism in Greece. The facilities, architecture and quality of services in the hotel industry are constantly upgrading and even existing hotel stock levels, up into higher categories, promise profitable revenues when management is done right.

Τhis presupposes a fundamental strategy and its implementation, initiatives that attract success and support the local economy and a number of other actions that can ensure successful investment. We have walked this path and our results speak for themselves. That is why we are here to make sure investors’ expectations can be satisfied in the best possible way, by growing a new breed of hoteliers.

Any hotel and travel brand should be a reflection of the investor and the dream customer. This is what creates additional value and worth. Our experience is proof that we can do it, as we have been doing it for so many years in the past.

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